As used in this agreement, “we,” “we” or “SEOptimer” SEOptimer Limited and “you,” “your” or “reseller,” you as a participating reseller in this program. “Site reseller,” their (s) site (s), your services and/or your software applications individually and collectively. “reseller program,” the program we manage or control, which allows participating companies to obtain quantitative discounts for the resale of access and use of our services under their brand or brand specific to their end customers (“customers”). You can resell access and use of the Services by integrating them into your own marketing efforts as part of a value-added solution at a volume discount. When you sign up for the reseller program, you can create accounts with SEOptimer for services on behalf of your customers. SEOptimer avoids billing issues, upgrades or cancellations for customers who have purchased a service from a reseller (so as not to jeopardize their customer relationship). However, we can directly offer you customer service as a reseller if necessary. SEOptimer gives resellers a discount based on the number of currently active accounts they register. .

The basic reseller program includes both introductory prices (“introductory prices”) and standard prices (“standard price”). Obtaining introductory prices depends on the achievement of an income repository on turnover. Current introductory prices, standard prices and revenue repository are displayed on the reseller target page or disclaimers related to the target page of resellers on this site. You have the right to sell third-party products and services. PLEASE READ THESE TERMS CAREFULLY. FROM THE AGREEMENT, FOR A RESELLER ACCOUNT TO SIGNUP, YOU HAVE HIERBY UNDER THE TERMS AND TERMS OF THIS AGREEMENT, AS CAN BE SUPPLEMENTED OR REVISED TO OPT FROM TIME TO TIME. THEIR CONTINUED PARTICIPATION IN THE RESELLER PROGRAM IS A CONSIDERATION AND APPROVAL OF THESE COMPLEMENTARY OR REVISED CONDITIONS. IF YOU ARE NOT AT THESE TERMS TO AGREE, PLEASE DO NOT ENTER THE RECHARGING PROGRAM OR STOP YOUR ACTIVITIES PURSUANT TO THIS AGREEMENT. This white-label reseller program agreement (this “website audit agreement” contains the terms and conditions applicable to your participation in SEOptimer`s white label reseller program for the resale of SEOPtimer software Solutions (the “Services”) of SEOptimer. Please read the following section carefully, as you need to resolve some disputes and claims with SEOptimer and limit how you can ask us for help. If you purchase the Basic Resellers program, you will be charged introductory prices. If you have reached the sales repository, if you have been verified six (6) months after your purchase, you remain on the introductory prices for the remaining six (6) months of your Basic Reseller program.

If you have not reached the income benchmark, if you have been verified six (6) months after the purchase, you will be converted to standard price for the remaining six (6) months of your basic reseller program, and your payment method will be charged the difference between introductory and standard prices. All fees charged for your payment method in the file are non-refundable, even if you reach the revenue repository at a later date. The dealer will carry out his activities and activities in a way that promotes a good positive image and a good reputation for SEOptimer and services. Without limiting the universality of the above, the reseller will not do so: they will compensate, defend and compensate SEOptimer and our affiliates, directors, executives and agents of any liability, claims, losses, damages, injuries or expenses (including reasonable legal fees) related to the operation of a reseller website; (b) a breach of your obligations under this agreement, including Sections 2 B, 3 (a) and 3 (b); (c) all customer injuries; or (d) the violation of third party intellectual property rights with respect to your reseller website and activities under this agreement.