The provisions commonly referred to as FATCA describe a 30% withholding rate (distinct and non-overlapping of the withholding tax described above) on dividends (including constructive dividends) on our common shares held by or through certain foreign financial institutions (which are broad for this purpose and generally include investment vehicles), and some foreign non-financial companies , unless: (1) in the case of a foreign financial institution (1), this institution enters into an agreement with and complies with the U.S. government to withhold certain payments and provide U.S. tax authorities with essential information annually about U.S. account holders (including certain holders of equity and debts of such an institution). , as well as some account holders who are foreign companies that own the United States). (2) in the case of a non-financial foreign company, the company certifies to the agent that it does not have a significant owner of the United States, either that it does not have a significant owner of the United States, or that it does not have a certificate of identification of the main direct and indirect U.S. owners of the business, 3) of the foreign financial institution or of a non-financial foreign company that may otherwise , benefit from an exemption from these rules, or if necessary as part of an intergovernmental agreement between the United States and an applicable third country, communicate the information in clause (1) to its local tax authority, which exchanges this information with the US authorities. When fatca is withheld, an economic beneficiary who is not a foreign financial institution is generally entitled to a refund of all amounts that are withheld by filing a federal income tax return (which can result in significant administrative burdens). An intergovernmental agreement between the United States and an applicable foreign country, or future provisions of the Department of Finance, may change these requirements. As a result, the unit through which our common equity portfolio is held has an impact on the need for such withholding.

Potential investors should consult with their tax advisors on the potential impact of FATCA on their investment in our common shares. RICHMOND, Va.-Performance Food Group Company (“PFG” or “the Company”) announced today that it has announced the IPO of 10,120,000 shares of its common stock at a price of $44.25 per share as part of its agreement to sell its common shares, pursuant to a resale agreement as described below. Insurers were granted a 30-day option to acquire up to 1,518,000 additional common shares of the company. We plan to continue implementing strategies that have led to revenue growth, sector and profit growth in the past. We believe that our current market share, the size of the U.S. foodservice distribution industry and our performance in the growth of our share of the industry offer us an important opportunity for continued revenue growth and profitability. For the first quarter of fiscal 2020 and the year ended June 29, 2019, we generated 6.2 billion euros. $19.7 billion in net revenues, $127.7 million and $475.5 million, respectively, for Adjusted EBITDA, representing growth of 8.0% and 10.2% since 2012 for the year ended June 29, 2019. See – Summary of Consolidated Data and Pro Forma As Adjusted Financial Data for our definition of Adjusted EBITDA and a transfer of Adjusted EBITDA to Net Earnings, which we believe is the most directly comparable financial ratio calculated by GAAP.