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If the parties agree to terminate the contract, a separate written document should indicate their intent and consent. In cases where only one party wishes to terminate the contract, it must notify in writing the legal reason on which the revocation is sought and, if so, a court must decide whether the revocation can take place. In Adikanda Biswal v. Bhubaneswar Development Authority, a development authority announced the allocation of land on the first basis to serve on the basis of full consideration. A request to this effect was considered an offer only because the development authority has only issued a request for an offer and the offer can only be formalized in a contract if it is accepted by the development authority. Event contracts, do something or not do if an uncertain future event occurs within a fixed time frame. Such a contract is invalid if the event does not occur and time runs out. It is also inappropriate that it is not possible to act before the time limit. [Section 35 (paragraph 1)] An agreement is therefore a promise or a series of promises that are a reflection for all parties. [section 2] If, under the terms of the contract, the purchaser has the right to claim damages at the agreed rate, if the goods were not delivered before the fixed date and were not delivered within seven days of the deadline, the purchaser was allowed to terminate the contract and pay a guarantee to the bank, but the goods were delivered within the extended period. It was found that the purchaser could only claim damages at the agreed rate and that the bank guarantee recovery clause could not be invoked, since the contract had not been terminated. In Vidya Vati vs.

Devi This is what supported the principle of old reputation in this case. The debtor was required to repay his loan in order to recover the empty assets of his premises and his offer was also rejected. However, the Tribunal found that the debtor was not exempt from the obligation to pay prior to his recovery of the property. Here, reasonable time means a reasonable time that is necessary to be a little comfortable and once circumstances permit.