The platform equips car rentals with tools to automatically identify underage drivers and expired licenses before printing the contract and thus saving time and money. TSD RENTAL is a company-wide solution that can be easily accessed via the Internet. It is also easy to use and does not require additional software, servers or equipment, minimizing hardware costs, IT requirements and maintenance costs. Contactless options such as pickup and delivery and contactless chords. Allow your customer to choose a vehicle from their phone. Fuel Consumption Report: Automatically calculates the fuel cost of a loan agreement, controls the cost of fuel based on the vehicle and the duration of the credit. Loaner Day Distribution Report: Offers a summary of loan days, spread over pre-defined reasons. If your state imposes certain loan days, this report can be executed to quickly check your month. TSD RENTAL is an innovative fleet management solution designed to revolutionize the automotive industry. The software offers many advantages to users in the field of car rental, including drivers, car owners and customers. Thus, the platform allows rental car owners to easily control costs and costs.

The automated and ployable database helps them reduce the time spent manually processing credit contracts and searching for infringement tools or tickets. It also offers a quick view of all available vehicles, so car rentals can save time and money for accessible customers. One-Screen Open Agreement Process: allows you to quickly and efficiently get a customer into a rental vehicle. The information in the loan agreement is stored and the fields are automatically replenished in future agreements. The TSD RENTAL database is available and automated, allowing businesses to easily control their costs and expenses. Credit contracts and manual editing time will be reduced, as will the time spent searching for tickets or tools. Accessible customers also benefit, as the search for available vehicles only takes a quick look. The update process protects merchants from changes in legal language in their document and saves them form costs. Until now, merchant services had to invest in forms to print their contracts. In addition to costs, all stored forms were to be rejected if there was a change or update to the legislation. With the new informal printing method, merchants only need regular paper to print a fully legal and updated loan contract. Retailers need a duplex printer to print the forms correctly.

Loaner Activity Grid: provides a complete overview of your fleet day after day or even hour by hour to detect patterns. For example, look at the number of loan contracts you have had in relation to third-party agreements, or check your credit percentage to determine future fleet requirements. TSD RENTAL is a state-of-the-art, web-based car rental management system for independent companies, car rental agencies and dealers. The software uses innovative technology to help car rental operators optimize the operation of front-office businesses, serve more customers and produce comprehensive reports to increase business. It allows companies to enter into professional-looking agreements that reduce liability and improve THE CSI.