If you have an active maintenance contract, one of the benefits you will receive is the free upgrade to the latest version of the software. There are also free updates that come with each new upgrade. If you currently have Snagit 2018 and it is updated to 2018.1, this is a free change. The same goes for maintenance versions, so if it goes from 2018.1.0 to 2018.1.1, it will be free until the next upgrade. You`ll find information about getting your maintenance-covered upgrades in the following pages: Do you have an earlier version? Update and get maintenance. If you want to update your current version of Snagit to the last rate, z.B. 13.0 by 2018, you have to pay for this upgrade. If you have a maintenance contract, the upgrade is free. On the other hand, updating or going from one version to another is a separate purchase. To update your Camtasia license, visit here: www.techsmith.com/camtasia-upgrade.html To update your Snagit license, visit here: www.techsmith.com/snagit-upgrade.html. If you have any questions about your license, update, update and request to demer, please contact our customer service.

We offer and recommend optional software maintenance. If you are covered by an active maintenance contract when a new version is released, you will receive the upgrade at no additional cost. Stay active and you`ll always run the latest and best version of the program! For more information about our maintenance contract, see: www.techsmith.com/maintenance.html. Wait a minute, what if I have a maintenance contract? Enjoy all the benefits of maintenance for one year from the date of purchase. Then stay up to date by renewing yourself each year. If you buy multiple licenses for your team or organization (5 or more), add seats to your agreement at any time. Select the automatic extension at the checkout to make sure your maintenance doesn`t go out. If you buy Snagit or Camtasia, you can add a maintenance subscription during the checkout. Great news, if you have an active maintenance contract, you`ll receive updates and upgrades at no extra cost! Updates are regularly available directly in Snagit or Camtasia, which you may or may not update. If there is an update to a new version while your maintenance contract is active, you should get your brand new software key right to your email address. Everything is covered by your maintenance contract.

For more questions about your maintenance contract, please contact our customer service. . Get the latest releases once it`s released, exclusive product training and premium support. I`ve got some good news. Camtasia and Snagit are indeterminate licenses, all updates to the version you buy are included! You are entitled to any updates in the version you purchased. If you are teaching or training someone in your role, but you are not in a school, university or university, you are not entitled to the discount. . Get exclusive access to Camtasia or Snagit training to help you take your skills to the next level. Learn at your own pace or take the whole course to get an official Camtasia or Snagit certification. .

You can transfer your license from one user to another by uninstalling it on the old computer and reinstalling it to the new computer with the same software key. Your individual license can be installed on up to two computers – for example, you can install your program on a desktop or laptop. This is a valid use of your license as long as you are the only user and you do not use both computers at the same time. You will receive premium support for the current version of your software as well as the last three years of previous versions. . If you buy five or more licenses, a key allows you to package, provide and manage all your licenses.