Unfortunately, this still does not guarantee the rights of buyers and does not guarantee the conclusion of the project if the developers do not comply with their own contractual obligations. Many potential buyers sign their purchase and sale contracts fairly quickly, thinking that they would not be able to negotiate with a respected developer and that they would miss the deal if they did not act quickly. However, this should not discourage the execution of complete due diligence for the developer and verification of the sales and sale contract by a lawyer. A full review is required to assess risks, particularly in this volatile market. While there are many factors to evaluate and consider based on the purchase and sale contract, we have outlined below the eight most important considerations that buyers must focus on before signing their contracts: each sales contract has a completion date at which the seller hands the device over to the buyer. However, we have seen many cases where sellers do not require the delivery date. On the other hand, buyers who are not aware of the completion date lose their right to terminate the property and demand compensation. Therefore, buyers must determine the completion date of the project and understand the legal consequences for the seller if they violate the contract provision. Typical form contracts have received mixed responses from proponents of the new binding system, who believe they are a step in the right direction by promoting a more transparent and efficient property registration system that will hopefully allow sales and purchase transactions to be processed in less time. The termination provisions in a BSG are the most controversial clause, as shown by the numerous cases brought before the competent courts in Dubai. In a general termination clause, the promoter retains the amount of the initial investment paid by the buyer in the event of termination of the contract or if the buyer does not comply with its financial obligations.

Accordingly, the buyer must carefully consider the termination clauses that allow him to terminate the contract in the event of a delay in the seller`s obligations, such as the .B. Delay in the surrender of the property or the absence of registration of the property with the Authority.