If a driver then violates his driver`s licence requirements or again accumulates 4 or more demerite points. The period of disqualification must be served, since no recourse is foreseen before the magistrate [Self-propelled Vehicle Act 1959 (SA) s 81BB (2)]. The safer driver`s contract is valid for the duration of your temporary driver`s licence. If you opt for a safer driving contract and you violate your driver`s licence conditions or re-accumulate four or more demotion points: provisional drivers who have been disqualified may opt for a safer driving contract instead of meeting the 6-month disqualification period [Motor Vehicles Act 1959 (SA) s 81BA]. The agreement applies for the duration of the provisional licence. If a provisional driver violates his driver`s licence conditions or accumulates four or more points, he may choose to enter into an agreement on safer drivers instead of the six-month disqualification period, unless it is a serious disqualification obligation. It is illegal to drive a motor vehicle in a road or road zone without a current driver`s license for this category of vehicles. If you are not eligible for a safer driving agreement, you can appeal the disqualification provided by the Motor Vehicle Act s 81BB. On your disqualification, he will tell you if you have the right to appeal. If you have the right to enter into a safer driving contract, this will be mentioned in your communication. If you accept the agreement for a safer driver, you must notify the Registrar of Motor Vehicles within 21 days of the disqualification being issued at a post office or within 28 days with an SA Service. The safer driving agreement allows you to continue driving, but if you are disqualified again, the disqualification increases to twelve months without the right to appeal.

In South Australia, a mandatory alcohol interlock system is in effect. This means that drivers who commit a “serious alcohol-related offence” are required to adjust an alcohol lock with the vehicle they have designated at the end of their driver`s licence, for a period equivalent to disqualification, or no more than three years, depending on the deadline, to a vehicle they have designated at the end of their driver`s licence withdrawal. If the safer driver contract is not requested within 28 days, the disqualification takes effect (if the notification has been confirmed). With the repeal of the driver`s licence regression system, disqualified drivers will return to the driver`s licence they were on at the time of the offence, not the previous phase. For example, if a driver with a P1 licence commits a violation of the conditions resulting in disqualification and enters into a contract for safer drivers, he or she can apply for a P1 licence instead of returning to a learning licence. Under the Alcohol-Interlock scheme, drivers are responsible for all costs associated with the installation, maintenance and maintenance of the locking device.