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Official directive: Not allowed without a bonus plan. Their terms and conditions state that you are prohibited from “making your password available to another person or using another person`s username and password.” However, if you want to legally share up to five people, you can buy your Premium plan. Official directive: you can share with one or two people in your home, but not beyond. You use harsh language to communicate your point of view in your terms of use and you say, “You are responsible for any use or activity on your account, including the use of the account by third parties who have been authorized by you to use your login data. Any fraudulent, abusive or illegal activity may, at our sole discretion, be grounds for termination of your account, and we may refer you to the appropriate enforcement agencies.┬áThese terms and conditions of Netflix Media Center (“Conditions”) govern your use of the Netflix Media Center and all press resources, including, but not limited to, photo or audiovisual media, Netflix brands, logos, trademarks, service marks, utility names or other distinctive attributes of Netflix (“Netflix Assets”) that are made available through the Netflix Media Center, made available on or other Netflix sites or other Netflix means; and you (“you”) agree to these conditions. In the event of a conflict between these conditions and an applicable written agreement between you and Netflix, the written agreement is a priority. Official policy: I think the WSJ is taking the cake for the most confusing policy. Here`s what`s in their subscription agreement: “Only one person can access a service at the same time with the same username or password, unless we otherwise agree.” (The highlight is mine.) Official policy: Do not share allowed. The use form states: “The control of the account owner is exercised by the use of the account holder`s password, and the account holder should not disclose the password to anyone to maintain exclusive control.” Others 7.1. Applicable law. These terms of use are governed by the laws of the Russian Federation and are interpreted accordingly. 7.2. Unsolicited materials.

We do not accept unwanted content or ideas from Netflix and we are not responsible for the similarity of Netflix content or programs in any medium with materials or ideas that are transmitted to us.7.3. Customer support. For more information about the Netflix service and its features or additional account information, visit the Netflix Help Center on Netflix`s website. In some cases, Netflix customer service staff are best placed to help you with an RAS support tool that allows the agent to access your computer without restriction.