Loganair became an independent airline in 2017, after the long-standing franchise contract was signed with flybe. Since its rebirth, Scotland`s Airline has experienced strong growth. It ended in 2019 with 1.6 million seats on 68 non-stop routes and six countries. These are the “Lifeline” intra-orca services with nine Icelanders seats, including on Papa Westray to Westray, the shortest route in the world. What is funny is that the article does not mention that the holding company of Loganair is also the holding company of another existing airline that operates separately (BMI Regional) which, of course, does not fly either under the flybe brand… In this context, it is not surprising that Loganair must do the same now and ensure that flybe stops receiving money from them. I`m sure “its own reservation system” will simply be that of BMI Regional, and eventually the two will merge into an airline (perhaps the continuation of both brands). It`s a lot less surprising now, isn`t it? As a frequent flyer, I never managed to get an overcharge with flybe to take me with another airline. So if you don`t go to another remote part of the UK, you won`t notice any change. This meant that the day before my flight, I had to travel from Shetland if I had to be sure of reaching my destination.

Either that or the risk of a juicy last-minute rate, should there be delays. So I`m not going to miss flymaybe one way or another. It will now be up to Loganair to prove that they are left in charge or to make way for a company that is. Flybe, Europe`s largest regional airline, and Loganair, the Scottish airline, today (17 October) announced a new cooperation agreement that offers customers the choice of a wide range of additional trips across the UK and Europe. Loganair has been operating for more than 20 years under franchise agreements with other airlines. As part of the five-year contract, Eastern will supply four aircraft under the Flybe brand as part of a joint revenue and risk sharing agreement. “It hasn`t always worked in our environment, and while I think the franchise agreement we`ve had with Flybe over the last 10 years has worked well, there have been a number of offers of children`s discounts and free check-in bags that Loganair wants to offer, but that doesn`t fit well with the Flybe brand.” Regional airlines Flybe and Loganair have signed an agreement to extend their partnership more than two years after a relationship breakdown. Alan Tune, Flybe`s Director of Sales, Alliances and Strategic Partnerships, said: “We are pleased to include Loganair in our ever-growing list of codeshare partners and to offer even more airline opportunities to our customers by connecting our networks. The new codeshare agreement with our partner Loganair offers a seamless connection between most of the UK`s major cities, islands and regions, and further afield with several major European cities. The agreement also represents an extension of cooperation between the two parties, albeit in the same way, after the end of a franchise agreement in 2016 under which Loganair acted under the flybe code and brand. Since growing up, Loganair has grown rapidly. Loganair chief executive Jonathan Hinkles told BBC Radio Scotland that the end of the franchise deal would not change its network.

11 of the 15 most profitable international flybe routes remain unserviced, including the cities mentioned above. “Nationally, Manchester-Edinburgh, Edinburgh-Cardiff and Birmingham after Newquay – all in category 2 – remain unemployed,” Hinkles adds. “Although Loganair has flown more important airlines over the past 24 years, there is still a level of recognition and affinity for the Loganair name throughout Scotland and beyond. We believe it is time for the Scottish company to once again spread its wings, and we are pleased to introduce a bold new corporate identity that accompanies this important milestone. The airline stated that the f