– The script displays “Invalid Command” Huawei has removed the unlock command in EMUI 10. Degrade your software and try again. 6. You get the Unlock code. Make sure to back up the code safely, as it is necessary to unlock the starter charger. If the right code is found, you will either immediately unlock your phone, or you will be invited with an additional confirmation dialog box on the target device. (all data is erased when unlocking!) Here`s to unlock. If you haven`t cut the connection and your phone is still in “Fastboot” mode (If your device isn`t in the fast-boot, repeat step 2). After the closure of the official EMUI website, which allowed you to retrieve the code to unlock the Huawei/Honor phone starter charger, here is a Python script to test many possible codes. As Huawei has officially stopped providing an unlock code to unlock the priming charger on any Huawei device.

These third-party services came to save us. We know that huawei used to provide the unlock code for free, but now you have to pay the price in the range of $20 to $60 for the unlock code. Here are the few third-party sites that provide an unlock code to unlock the starter charger on each Huawei device. All you need is to provide them with your device`s IMEI number, and they will send the unlock code within 14 days of the period. Unlocking starter chargers is the first thing That Huawei/Honor users should perform before trying to root or install TWRP/CWM custom recovery. As we all know, most OEM companies ship their smartphones with a locked bootloader and the Huawei is one of the in- / No need to worry, as we have shared here whole steps to unlock the boot chargers of any Huawei EMUI smartphone. Users who have an Android dive like Huawei can`t stop optimizing the system, modifying the system, flashing a new custom, or rooting the device. Some users want to make their device unique for themselves.

They are ready to change their device. Before you do an optimization, the first thing you need to do is unlock Huawei`s starter charger. You need to replace the `one`s unlock code with the unique unlock code you purchased. Check your email! To unlock, you can even enter the command with the unlock code you received from Huawei.