This consultation followed a previous consultation in October 2014, during which we asked whether we should opt out of the Part 20 regime with respect to the regulation of consumer credit activities 2. As a result of this consultation, we decided that it was advantageous for us to stay in Part 20, and we developed proposals for proportionate regulatory rules with the CMA to make this possible. In accordance with Part 20, we are required to adopt rules for the provision of consumer credit activities, which must be approved by the FCA and the Legal Services Board (LSB). These must be in effect until the expiry of the existing transitional provisions 3. The ACF recently extended these provisions until April 2016, provided that we publish our final regulatory agreements in November 2015. Paragraph 1 does not apply in cases where, in order to allow the customer to defer repayments in full or partially under the regulated credit contract, the company decides to do so in the current circumstances and for the duration specified in the guide entitled Credit Cards (including renewable retail loans) and Coronavirus: temporary guidelines for businesses : Temporary guidelines for businesses, guidelines entitled Credit Cards (including loans to renewable individuals) and coronaviruses: updated temporary guidelines for businesses or guidelines entitled Credit Cards (including loans to renewable individuals) and coronavirus: late payment guide,15 varies or varies 12de regulated credit contract so as not to require the customer to make minimum repayments for this duration. 9 at the time of the presentation, the third party provides a third party (whether other measures or not), cash, goods and services (or one of them), the provider pays one-third for them (whether an account or commission is deducted) against payment to the supplier by the customer and without prejudice to the definition of credit. The use of credits when a third party provides the client with cash, goods or services; and we are working, subject to the FCA and LSB agreements, to publish our final regulatory agreements in November 2015, but these will not come into force until April 2016. This will allow for a smooth transition, including the ability for companies seeking ACF authorization to do so, such as those that are currently doing activities that we are trying to prohibit through our regime. The ACF has agreed to this extension of the transition period. During this transitional period, all SRA-approved businesses engaged in consumer credit activities under the 20th Party exemption are required to comply with the transitional provisions of the SRA. These provisions require these companies to comply with the OFT legislation and guidelines in effect immediately before April 1, 2014.

For the purposes of conc 6.7.18R CONC 6.7.19R, CONC 6.7.21G and CONC 6.7.23R, the term 10 “refinancing” in paragraph 1 does not include whether a company does not include the period during which one or more refunds must be repaid by a customer, if the company does so to comply with the guidelines entitled Credit Cards (including customer transfers) and coronavirus. : Payment Deferral Guidance15, guidelines entitled Personal Credits and Coronavirus: payment deferral guide15, guidelines entitled Motor Finance Agreements and coronavirus: Payment Deferral Guidance15, the guidance entitled high-cost short-term credit and coronavirus: Payment Deferral Guidance15, 11 the guidance entitled Rent-to-own, buy-now-pay-later and pawnbroking agreements and coronavirus: Payment Deferral Guidance15 or the entitled Coronavirus and customers in temporary financial : updated14 guidance for insurance and premium finance firms11.9 , what these guidelines cannot and could not do without the laws passed by Parliament, is the modification of the CCA itself.