The joint application and application forms from some colleges require the student applying in a timely manner, as well as the parents and counsellor, to sign an ED agreement form refining the terms of the plan. Early Decision (ED) and Early Action (EA) plans can be beneficial for students – but only for those who have carefully thought through their academic options and have a clear preference for an institution. Your signed early decision agreement must have been concluded before the deadline for submission of ED applications. Students who apply under Early Decision confirm that Wesleyan is their first choice and agree to accept Wesleyan`s offer of admission if it is extended. Students also undertake to withdraw applications from other higher education institutions and not to launch new applications. The “Early Decision Agreement” form is available for download, but it is also made available as part of the common application. About 450 colleges have early decisions or early action plans, and some have both. Some colleges offer a non-binding option called Single-Choice Early Action, in which ED or EA applicants cannot use at another college. Wesleyan encourages applicants to request that teacher assessments be submitted electronically via the common application site.

Your university advisor should submit a secondary education report along with an official transcript (including courses being processed) and an academic profile. The first decision plans are mandatory – a student who is accepted as an ED candidate must go to university. Early action plans are not binding – students receive an early response to their application, but should only be put in place by the normal response date of May 1 at the university. Counsellors need to make sure students understand this important difference between the two plans. Two academic evaluations of teachers are required. They are encouraged to submit a teacher of mind or social sciences and a teacher of mathematics or science. Applying for an ED or EA plan is most appropriate for a student who: 2. The advisor must then log into their account to read, sign, and submit the ED agreement on their Common App School Forms account (if the counselor has agreed to complete the online school forms).

If the counsellor does not complete the online school forms, the student must print the ED agreement (in the “School Forms” section) and send it to the counsellor for direct sending to the institution. Please note that the advisor is responsible for filing the ED agreement once the student has entered into it. Their early application to Wesleyan University includes: senioritis: Applicants who learn early on that they have been admitted to the university may feel that if their goal is achieved, they have no reason to work hard for the rest of the year. Students who apply early should know that colleges can put the offer of admission shorter if their graduation grades drop.