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As a result of the COVID 19 pandemic, many higher education institutions have suspended or relaxed some student requirements and extended enrolment times. We advise you to go directly to the universities that have been directly accepted to you in order to obtain the most up-to-date and accurate information. The decision to apply with or without test results must be carefully considered and considered final. However, in the face of the challenges posed by the COVID 19 pandemic, Baylor will do everything in its power to be as flexible as possible with the candidates. If a candidate has already submitted test results to Baylor but indicates in the registration that he or she does not wish to take into account his or her results, the test results will not be posted during the application exam. International students who apply without test results have the opportunity to pass a job interview as part of the application process so that we can get to know you better. Learn more about our optional testing policy. 6. When will I receive a decision on my application? Students applying for an early decision until November 1 will be notified of their admission by December 15. Students applying for an early decision until February 1 will be notified of their admission by February 15. While applicants who have made an early decision may submit non-binding applications to other higher education institutions, if they are admitted after the early decision, they must immediately withdraw all other applications and register with Baylor. 1. What is the difference between the previous decision and early action? Early Decision is a binding agreement that requires them to withdraw all other applications and assist Baylor with your admission, provided you meet sufficient financial assistance.

Early action, on the other hand, is a non-binding program. If you are admitted to Early Action, you do not have to withdraw all other applications and you can always choose the school you want to attend. While the deadline for the anticipated action and filing dates are before the regular decision, you have until May 1 of the national response period to decide whether or not you wish to participate in Baylor. Electronic copies are only official if they are sent by TRex (for Texan schools), parchment or via the common application. Citizens attending a high school outside the United States must submit the CSS/Financial Aid PROFILE as part of a full application file. If you are an international student looking for needs-based financial support, you must complete a PROFILE CSS/Subsidy to seek help. Baylor will not verify your application until you have met this requirement. If you do not need financial support and would like to adopt it, call (254) 710-3435 to speak with your admissions advisor. To meet this requirement, send one of the following points directly from the control centre. Copies are not accepted. All deadlines are up to 17.00 .m CST.

If you are accepted less than two weeks before or at any time after the above deadlines, please meet the deadline stated in your acceptance letter. . A brief dissertation is required as part of the application process. Whatever your choice of application, you must create a goBAYLOR account to track your application status. Here we communicate what is needed to complete your application file and additional registration steps for accepted students. PRO TIP: Whatever email address you call is used to communicate important information throughout the application cycle and in the summer after graduation. We advise you to use a personal, non-school email address, which you can often check and use over the long term. In order to speed up the completion of the application file, we strongly advise you to select Baylor as an automatic recipient before your exam.

If you request it after the exam, it delays your application file.