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He indicated that the renewal of the collective agreement by the Labour Commissioner was consistent with the provisions of the Act to allow both parties to conclude negotiations. Salary arrears for public servants before calming them down. They also have children who need school fees. All ministers and senior officials of the pf government have paid their tuition fees through the government. If this union understands austerity, it must know that there is nothing for the workers. The government has no money. Has the 2019 budget received the provision for increases? … negotiate on the table…; …. percentages proposed…; …. Correction agreement….

CSAWUZ Secretary General Makayi Makayi said that the two sides did not conclude the negotiations on time, they extended the 2018 correction agreement until March 2019 so that the parties reach an agreement. In an interview, CSAWUZ SG told ZANIS that the union had submitted its demands to the government on wages and other terms of service and that it expected it to sign a collective agreement by March 31, 2019. However, he has not been able to disclose how much or the proposed percentages are negotiated by the union with the government and says he will not be able to disclose until the negotiations are over. Zambian GRZ workers, even with a government shutdown without pay, like here in the United States? The Zambian Civil Servants and Allied Workers` Union (CSAWUZ) says the union and the government are still on the table negotiating the salaries and terms of service of public service employees. Mr. Makayi said that his union and 11 other unions are currently at the table negotiating with the government for an increase in the salaries of their members who are employees of the public service. Mr Makayi said that the EU and the government have written to the Labour Commissioner to allow an extension that has been granted in the meantime. He said CSAWUZ members should remain calm as their union negotiates for a better increase and better terms for them.

And Mr. Makayi rejected rumours that the unions had proposed a 2% pay increase, that none of the unions on the table had proposed such a percentage. Make sure you get the same percentage increase that the president and others have received, and also make sure that the increase goes back to January 2018, just as they did for themselves. There negotiations after the approval of the budget and do you think you can have a good inseeder? Next time, it makes b4 the budget will be presented 2 Parliament…